4 Great Platforms to Help You Identify Your Target Market

Identify Your Target Market

When running a business online, it’s critical to identify your target market. It helps you craft targeted messages, minimize expenses, reach the right audience, and compete successfully. But, how can you define your target market? Well, this article points out the different platforms to research your target market to sell products online successfully:

  • You can research your target audience in Facebook groups

Facebook is a popular social media platform today. With more than 1 billion active users, it’s a fertile ground for potential customers. Facebook is a great place to research your target market because it groups people based on common characteristics. So it makes it easy to research your target audience. All you need to do is create an account (if you don’t have one already), and join Facebooks groups that align with your brand. However, don’t join those groups and start posting your links anyhow. This might be construed as spam, and you might be banned from the groups. Build relationships first, and then you can introduce your products and services.

  • Forums are great places to research your target market

Join forums in your focus area to research your target market. To do this, head over to Google, and then type out the keyword in your niches such as weight loss, technology or online business. Include the word forum on the tail end. Google will avail a list of forums, and you can join the most vibrant. The good thing about forums is that you are not only allowed to add your photo but your website, blog link and landing page as well. Again, don’t rush to post a series of links in the forums, lest it’s construed as spam. First, introduce yourself to the forum by providing valuable answers to questions.

  • Research your target market on Yahoo Answers

Yahoo is another platform that you can research your target market. Here, people post questions in various niches and others answer them accordingly. You can start explosively by providing valuable answers in your niche to build rapport, and you’ll know who likes your content. You can then tell them about your business.

  • Leverage Google to Research your target market

Google is another excellent platform to research your platform. You don’t have to Google your target market anymore. Google experts have developed useful tools to help you research your target market easily. The two examples of research tools from Google include Google Trends and Google Insights for Research.


That said, researching your target audience to find out who they are, their needs and purchasing behavior is the first step to creating a successful business for selling products online. So make sure you invest every ounce of your energy, a lot of time and resources to understanding your target audience.


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